Commemorating 150 Years of Colorado College

For a century and a half, Colorado College has fostered intellectual curiosity, academic excellence, and a deep appreciation for doing things differently. From its founding in 1874, CC has continually evolved, developing a community of diverse minds and innovative thinkers.

Open to all sexes and races from the beginning? Proudly! A center for innovative thought, creative pedagogy, and social change? Always! A launching point for world-famous artists, diplomats, writers, athletes, explorers, scientists, politicians, musicians, scholars, and business leaders? Absolutely! CC has embraced a spirit of adventure, encouraging students to journey into the great outdoors and engage in rigorous intellectual pursuits.

As we commemorate this remarkable journey, we recognize the generations of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members who have contributed to the college's enduring legacy of excellence. We invite you to share your Colorado College story or propose a Nano Block as we look forward to the next 150 years. Happy 150th, Colorado College!


Happy Colorado College Day, Tigers! - Video by Julia Fuller

February 9, 1874 marks the official founding day of Colorado College and the year 2024 marks our Sesquicentennial anniversary. Colorado Governor Jared Polis issued a proclamation commemorating "Colorado College Sesquicentennial Day" throughout the state. Colorado Springs Mayor Blessing "Yemi" Mobolade and City Council President Randy Helms also proclaim February 9 as Colorado College Day throughout the city.

Save the Date

Celebrate 150 years of CC at Homecoming 2024
Nov. 1-2, 2024

Sesquicentennial Events

President Song Richardson with Colorado Springs Mayor Blessing 'Yemi' Mobolade and City Council President Randy Helm  - Photo by Karuna Abe

President Song Richardson with Colorado Springs Mayor Blessing 'Yemi' Mobolade and City Council President Randy Helm - Photo by Karuna Abe ’20 (click for more photos)

Share Your CC Story

Do you have a CC story to share? We want to hear it! A story about seeing a ghost in the halls of Palmer? Yes please! A love story about how you met your partner over a lab table in Organic Chem? Absolutely! A story about your reunion with another Tiger on the other side of the world? Write it up and post it here!

Whether your best CC memories happened in class, in the dorms, over a Block Break, or in those wonderful moments in between, we want to hear them and celebrate all the CC stories from the past 150 years. Don't forget to include your name and class year (or other CC affiliation) in the text of your message. We won't be able to publish posts that do not include this information. 

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A Nano Block

What topic could you teach to the broader CC community in 3.5 minutes? A Nano Block is a 3.5 minute video or podcast that highlights our innovation for creative pedagogy. If you have a Nano Block idea, we would love to hear from you!

Nano Blocks

What topic could you teach to the CC community in 3.5 minutes? We want to hear your Nano Blocks as part of our community commemoration of CC's 150th year.

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